Here's a little about me

Embarking on my photography journey right out of high school, I've passionately pursued this art for the past three years. As a editorial documentary photographer, I've been privileged to capture the beauty of weddings and special moments. Through this evolving path, I've come to cherish a profound realization: the most meaningful moments unfurl when you're unabashedly yourself. In my belief, marriage is a beautiful unity ordained by God, a sacred bond that I deeply honor and respect. My aspiration is to seamlessly blend into your day, encouraging you to embrace your truest selves. I believe in capturing authentic moments, where your genuine essence shines through in every frame. Nature is my muse; I find solace and inspiration in the great outdoors, thriving amidst the raw beauty it offers.
Being born into a Nigerian household and raised in Orlando after being born in Miami, I carry a rich cultural heritage with me. This blend of backgrounds enriches my perspective and adds a unique flavor to my photography.

My lens is drawn to genuine connections and the delicate details that sculpt your unique story into a living work of art. I'm not interested in creating a façade—my goal is to capture the real, unfiltered you. Photography should be an honest depiction of your love and the beautiful bond you share as a couple.
If you're seeking a photographer who revels in the beauty of imperfection, opting for genuine, unscripted moments over orchestrated poses, we're on the same wavelength. But if you're after staged perfection and elaborate setups, I encourage you to find the best fit for your vision. Our paths may not align, and that's perfectly okay.
If my approach resonates with your essence, if you're ready to embrace the messy, unanticipated, and beautiful candid moments, then I'm your go-to photographer. Let's embark on this journey together, crafting a visual narrative that truly mirrors who you are. If this feels right for you, I'd love to hear your story—let's connect!


Your wedding day, the day you exchange vows with your beloved, deserves to be the most intimate and unforgettable occasion of your life. In my approach, I honor the uniqueness of every moment, both significant and subtle, allowing you to authentically express yourselves in front of the lens. This authenticity is the key to capturing genuine and heartfelt moments, steering clear of contrived and staged poses.
My photography is profoundly influenced by the art of capturing real, unscripted moments, steering away from the artificial and rehearsed. I aim to document the genuine connection between a couple, avoiding the clichés that often feel forced and unnatural to your true interactions. I cherish portraying people as they truly are, eschewing rigid poses for a more genuine representation. Your wedding day should never feel like a staged photoshoot. My primary goal is to blend into the background, letting you fully embrace each fleeting moment without the pressure of posing for the camera.

There's no insistence on a specific tilt of the chin or a perfectly positioned hand. Sometimes, imperfections like a slightly tousled dress can convey more about you than a meticulously arranged shot. Photography, to me, is about capturing the essence of the moment rather than orchestrating flawless poses. While I prioritize allowing the day to naturally unfold, I also value doing justice to each shot, ensuring it reflects the beauty of the moment. Above all, I strive to ensure you're living in the moment, having the time of your lives. Couples often start a bit nervous, apologizing in advance for any camera shyness, but as the day progresses, they find themselves enjoying the experience, likening it to a delightful date spent cherishing each other's company. As you look back at these photos in the years to come, my hope is that you'll see your profound love in every image. Your photographs should encapsulate genuine moments and sincere laughter, perfectly capturing the essence of your unique relationship. No matter what you wish to preserve in these frames, I guarantee an authentic representation of your true selves, the emotions you felt, and the deep love you share.



 TWO WORDS.. Absolutely phenomenal! The moment Tommy walked in the door I knew it was going to be an easy day. His energy matched our entire wedding party-which is something I wholeheartedly hoped for from him. Although we were rushing from being late he handled everything and made sure to still get the needed shots. Once the ceremony & pictures were done I had a moment to chat with Tommy during the reception (this is when I realized not only how great of a photographer he was but more so how great of a person he is. I told him I wanted to cancel our planned beach pictures during sunset because of how great of a time everyone was having at the reception. Tommy looked at me and said " Guess what I bought you and your husband sparklers to use on the beach during pictures." Tommy is so thoughtful & made sure we got all the shots we wanted. He made our vision come to life! I am SO SO thankful he got to share our wedding day with us!

 " TWO WORDS.. Absolutely phenomenal! "

Tommy has done our engagement, graduation, wedding, couples, and family shoots. And there is a reason we’ve come back again and again and plan to book him again and again. I mean everything you can look for. He makes you feel so comfortable, is kind, helps you figure out what to wear and how to pose, is so patient and professional and MOST importantly NEVER disappoints when you look at that gallery. I mean the way that he’s captured every step of me and my husbands relationship and now family is just beautiful and any time I’ve booked with anyone else I can’t help but compare quality to his. You really get your moneys worth with him and he makes it hard to choose which ones to print and hang up. I love, love, love, his work and dedication. There’s literally no words. Tommy is the best in the area and truly good at his job.

" Tommy is the best in the area and truly good at his job "

Tommy is absolutely incredible and I can’t say enough good things about him to truly express how happy we were. He has a very creative eye and the way he used lighting and other features of our location was incredible. He made us feel very comfortable the entire time, helping us pose and giving us little tips/tricks. He also even pointed out one time to put my hair behind my ear (which is huge for us girls who look back and wish someone would have told us!!!) I also was pleasantly surprised to hear my boyfriend tell me after that he had “so much fun” during the shoot. Again, another win for the girls. My highest compliment though is how he was able to show our love so clearly in his photography. To be able to display our love for one another in this was is so special to us. Tommy did that, and we are so happy with the results. Highly highly recommend!

" He has a VERY creative eye "